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Here at Ace we are experts in our field. We offer superb waste collection services (second to none). This is extremely important to us as we offer the greenest and the most environmental-friendly waste collection service available by recycling first and disposing last.

A Change in the Law
It is now law that all commercial waste has to achieve some degree of recycling  prior to disposal into landfill. In addition, there are some items (such as electrical goods) that have to be reprocessed. 
With increasing landfill tax charges and more recycling legislation in the pipeline, it is time for you to introduce or expand recycling from your business.
We can set up simple, user friendly, recycling services to suit your needs.
We can run them alongside your existing waste service or take on management of all your waste and work to recycle as much as possible within your budget.

Reduce Waste & Recycle
Remember, you can usually reduce your waste service and waste costs by diverting the 
in your rubbish bin to a recycling bin. This service change should provide enough funds to set up a separate recycling service
We can work out the best combination of waste and r
ecycling services to match your bespoke business needs.The main materials that can be recycled are:
Cardboard, paper, plastic, cans, glass, food, toner cartridges, batteries and all electrical goods (WEEE).
Collections of these materials
can be set up as a single stream or mixed recycling services, depending on your waste volumes and storage facilities.

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